Island Trader Vacations Reviews 3 Amazing Swedish Islands

Gotlandsm 300x225 Island Trader Vacations Reviews 3 Amazing Swedish IslandsThere are millions of islands in lakes and oceans and even rivers around the world. Each offers its own unique features, people, sites, traditions, cultures and of course, attractions. In honor of these amazing islands, Island Trader Vacations invites you to explore islands around the world with us in our Divine Islands Series. Explore some of the lesser known, smallest, most amazing, most historic and most beautiful islands around the world with us.

We begin our divine island search with a trip to the islands of Sweden.

Sweden is a Scandinavian nation located in Northern Europe and is bordered by Norway, Finland, Denmark and of course, plenty of water.  Surrounding the mainland are many islands which are also part of Sweden. These islands are generally grouped into archipelagos including the Stockholm archipelago, the Ostgota archipelago, the Southeast Coast archipelago and the West Coast archipelago. Within these groups are tens of thousands of islands including Grinda, Sandön and Gotland, three must see destinations for travel.

Grinda Island – Located within the Stockholm archipelago, Grinda is a popular island destination and is only 2 hours from Stockholm. A small island, visitors often walk the entire island in just a few hours. Today, Grinda welcomes thousands of visitors each year. Historic sites, amazing food, hostels, hotels and quaint shops make visiting this island convenient and enjoyable. Quiet and peaceful, nature abounds and presents many opportunities to enjoy it including hiking, biking, swimming, fishing, canoeing or just relaxing in general.

Sandön Island– Great for the day, Sandön  island offers visitors the opportunity to experience the maritime history of Sweden. Popular for yachters, Sandön  is home to an idyllic village named Sanhamn which is home to inns, hotels, a yacht club as well as plenty of options for eating and drinking. While the permanent population of the island is small, the number of visitors numbers in the tens of thousands each summer.

Gotland Island – By far one of the largest and most popular islands, Gotland is located in the Baltic Sea it is over 1,200 square miles and offers visitors the opportunity to experience the unique culture, history and beauty of Sweden. Nicknamed the Pearl of the Baltic, its climate is pleasant and the island offers plenty of resorts and destinations to choose from.  Made up of several islands in addition to the main island, visits to this island may easily encompass an entire Swedish vacation experience. From national parks to UNESCO sites, cities, towns and much more, Gotland is certainly one destination you must see.

From uninhabited gems to bustling escapes, visit Sweden’s Islands and find out what you have been missing.

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Island Trader Vacations Reviews 2014 Airline News

April 2014

aircraftsm 300x300 Island Trader Vacations Reviews 2014 Airline NewsFrom frequent flyers to comfortable seats, the world of air travel is changing, some changes for the good and others, not so much. Whether it is self baggage check on Alaska Airlines, or the newest innovations of Airbus, knowing and understanding these changes is important to help you choose the airline which best meets your needs. Island Trader Vacations reviews the most recent news to help you be more informed when you travel.  Take a look at airlines in the news for April 2014.

Airbus unveils its newest innovations

Airbus is a leading aircraft manufacturer based in France. Recently, Airbus unveiled what its passenger cabins might look like on its new A350 XWB, their brand news, extra wide bodied passenger jet. 18 inch wide seats, near vertical walls, more leg room, LED lighting,

Set to compete with the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, it is just one of the growing trend of airliner luxury. While some struggle to make more people fit in a plane, Airbus and Boeing continue to make travel less about numbers and more about comfort.

Delta offers a concern for the environment

Delta Airlines has recently announced that preservation of the environment is part of its strategy and in keeping with this, it has found a way to use technology to reduce emissions and conserved fuel and other natural resource. Considered an industry leader in the last decade, Delta has announced that it has reduced its CO2 emissions by 30 percent since 2000. It also announced its contributions have aided in the planting of over 277,000 trees and that it has improved fuel efficiency by 35% since 2000 using 1.4 billion less gallons than that were used in 2000. Other green initiatives by Delta include water conservation, electrical energy conservation, waste reduction, recycling efforts and support of alternative fuels. In 2009 Delta was awarded the Atlanta Business Chronicles “Green Save” award and in 2008  Delta was presented an award by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Design for the Environment program for the airline’s use of PreKote, an environmentally friendly, non-chromium surface pretreatment on its aircraft that reduced the amount of chromium hazardous waste.

Alaska Airlines offers self baggage check

In an effort to speed up your time at the airport, Alaska Airlines contribution to changes in your airline experience is its innovative approach to baggage check. Over the last year Alaska Airlines has been testing its new Self Tagging program. They recently announced that this option was going to be added to a number of other airports around the U.S. as well. Cities in which it is now available are:

  • Anchorage
  • Bellingham
  • Honolulu
  • Kansas City
  • Minneapolis
  • Portland
  • Salt Lake City
  • San Antonio
  • San Diego
  • Seattle

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Island Trader Vacation Club Explores The Calamian Islands

Malcapuyasm 300x200 Island Trader Vacation Club Explores The Calamian IslandsA part of the Philippine province of Palawan, the Calamian Islands include a number of islands including:

  • Busuanga Island
  • Banana Island
  • Coron Island
  • Culion Island
  • Calauit Island
  • Calumbuyan Island
  • Malcapuya Island
  • Pass Island

Often referred to as simply Coron, these islands are growing in popularity around the world for their amazing dive sites and natural beauty. Popular with both divers and explorers, excursions to the islands offer visitors a wide variety of opportunities including dive excursions as well as hiking and on land exploration.

Coron is the third largest of the islands and is located around 170 miles from Manila. Famous for its Japanese shipwrecks from WWII, it is an ideal destination for divers and history lovers. Calm water with very good clarity make this a premier dive site in the Philippines today.

Busuanga Island is famous for its stunning scenery. Declared a sanctuary for its natural features it is filled with rainforests, mountains, caves, beaches and dives sites. The largest of the Calamian islands, it is located halfway between Mindoro and Palawan islands.

Culion is located in the northernmost part of Palawan and has a long history. Home to almost 20,000 residents, Culion was once a leper colony. A historic destination, Culion is a unique and beautiful island and still off the beaten path for travelers.

Calauit is located just off the northern coast of the much larger Busuanga Island. Declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1977 it is home to its most popular feature, Calauit Safari Park. Established in 1976, this park is home to giraffes, zebras, antelopes, local fauna and more.  A private not profit attraction, it was created to protect African wildlife long ago.

Calumbuyan Island – Another small island famous for its snorkeling and diving it is also well known for its beautiful beaches and its popular eco tours both above and below the ocean.

Malcapuya Island is just a boat ride from Coron Town. Famous for its sugar white beaches it is also known for its giant clams, beaches and other underwater attractions, it ranks as one of the most popular islands for tours today.

Last but not least, Pass Island is another popular site for day trips and ecotours. From backpacking to cruises, it is impossible not to be inspired when you travel to this exotic and stunning island destination.

In recent years, Palawan Province in general and more specifically the Calamines Island Group in particular have earned an extraordinary and well deserved reputation for beauty, conservation and ecological sustainability.  Rated some of the most beautiful islands in Asia, even Jacques Cousteau considered these some of the most beautiful underwater scapes in the world.

From luxury resorts to stunning natural beauty, Island Trader Vacation Club welcomes you to explore. Be inspired, enjoy travel more and make the most of your time when you travel with Island Trader Vacation Club.



Island Trader Vacations Reviews 5 Amazing Places To Learn More About Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs -  A Reason To Travel With Kids

dinosaurssm 300x192 Island Trader Vacations Reviews 5 Amazing Places To Learn More About DinosaursWho doesn’t get excited about dinosaurs? From the biggest and most frightening such as the T Rex to the tiny plant eater Albertadromeus syntarsus, dinosaurs have been inspiring children and adults to learn for centuries. The first discoveries of dinosaur fossils were made in the 1800’s. Not until years after they were first discovered, did scientists realize that these massive creatures no longer exist. After this realization, British scientist Richard Owen dubbed them “Dinosauria” which means “terrible lizards”.

Today, a sort of dinomania has swept the world. As more and more bones are found and more and more species named, museums and exhibits in honor of these terrible lizards continue to pop up. Today, every natural history museum has a section devoted to dinosaurs and their lives. If you and your family love dinosaurs, you too can be inspired. Plan a dino-vacation when you travel. To help you plan, we invite you to review 5 of the most amazing destinations for dino-travel this year.

Field Museum, Chicago – Chicago is filled with famous attractions however, one of the best is the Field Museum.  Home to “Sue”, the largest, most complete and best preserved T rex in the world. Since she arrived, almost 16 million have come to see her and have enjoyed the many other dinosaurs’ found throughout the museum as well.

Dinosaur National Monument, Colorado/Utah – Part of the National Park Service, Dinosaur National Monument offers visitors the opportunity to not only see and learn more about dinosaurs in a museum type-setting, but actually, see digs in progress. The Quarry Exhibit Hall is located over the world famous Carnegie Dinosaur Quarry and view over 1,500 bones from many different species including Allosaurus, Diplodicus and even Stegosaurus.

Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology, Alberta, Canada – The only museum in all of Canada which is entirely devoted to the dinosaurs, this museum, still actively digging dinosaurs just recently announced another amazing find to be added to the collection. A Hadrosuar fossil was uncovered at the Leduc construction site. This will be stored in the museum’s collections along with thousands of others. A day at this site is like going on an expedition. Family fun days allow visitors to learn how to cast fossils, learn more about dinosaurs and explore the badlands themselves.

Fernbank Museum of Natural History, Atlanta – Home to the only full Argentinosaurus, the largest dinosaur ever discovered, this amazing museum is another must visit. Its Dinosaur Plaza offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy a variety of features including an outdoor area, an amphitheater and even bronze recreations to give the viewer the opportunity to see what they may have looked like when they were still alive.

Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, Washington, D.C – Free in addition to being amazing, the Smithsonian is one of the most popular museums in the country. Currently featuring information about one of the ongoing finds in the Atacame Desert of Chile, the museum features a large number of permanent dinosaur exhibits. The current National Fossil Hall will be closing for renovations on April 27, 2014 however, the new Rex Room will be opening April 15th and run till October 20th 2014.

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Island Trader Vacations Reviews Cornwall

yorkshiresmall 300x200 Island Trader Vacations Reviews Cornwall Bordered to the north and the west by the Celtic Sea, and to the south by the English Channel is the county of Cornwall. It is located in England on a peninsula and is an area known for its varied landscape and its mild climate, which makes it a popular tourist destination for many.

Cornwall has varied landscapes to offer those that want to explore the outdoors.  Surrounded by water on three sides there are many popular beach destinations as well as visually stunning cliffs to explore. The extensive coastline features popular destinations such as Bodmin Moor , an area protected by Area of Outstanding Beauty.  This area is ripe with wild moorland landscapes.  There are other tourist destinations as well. These include historic and prehistoric sites, wooded valleys and country gardens. Areas such as Newquay and Porthtowan are popular surfing destinations, although it is recommended that you bring along a wet suit because the water is quite chilly no matter the time of year.

One of the more recent popular destinations in Cornwall is The Eden Project.  This is near St. Austrell which is near Cornwall proper.  The Eden Complex is a project that is located in a reclaimed Kaolinite pit.  It features artificial biomes that plants from around the world are collected and grown.  The complex has two major domes that house thousands of plant species.  The domes are built of inflated plastic cells that are supported by steel frames.  The two main domes have entirely different climates. One is tropical and the other is Mediterranean.  This is such a huge new draw for tourism that 1 in 8 of the 5 million that travel here visits The Eden Project.

One of the cultural aspects of the area to take in is the local folk music tradition.  Cornwall prides itself on its musical culture such as Mummers Plays, the Furry Dance played by the Helston Town Band.  One of the other major music prides is the Brass Bands.  These are all male voiced choir bands that were popular in mining districts of Britain, and Cornwall has more than 40 currently. These bands are featured in the Brass on the Grass summer concerts that take place in Constantine, a village of Cornwall. Another popular summer festival in the area to visit in is the folk festival Perranporth’s Lowender Peran.

Just one of a thousand destinations to choose from, now is the time to travel.  Island Trader Vacations reviews travel. Save time and make the most of your vacation by taking advantage of the travel services by Island Trader Vacations.

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