Island Trader Vacations Reviews 2014’s Top Fall Trips

Great Fall Destinations

It’s getting cooler outside and the leaves are starting to change, but that does not mean that it is even close to time to pack it all in and spend the rest of the year in the house until the spring thaw. Get out there and experience the best fall festivals of the year. Don […]

Island Trader Vacations Reviews Lucca – A Must Visit Italian Destination

A Lucca Travel Review A lovely city hidden from the attention of the throngs who travel to better known cities in Tuscany, Lucca offers a long history, stunning views and amazing food. Considered by many to be one of the most picturesque cities in all of Italy, Lucca is a popular day trip from Florence […]

Island Trader Vacations – Amazing Sites and More in Malta


A Destination Review There are thousands of destinations around the world which offer visitors peace and tranquility in addition to natural beauty and historic appeal. Malta, like many others, is one such destination. A small island country situated in the Mediterranean Sea just 50 miles south of Sicily, Malta is tiny, just over 120 square […]

20 Travel Apps to Help You Travel

social mediasm

Do you have a smart phone? Do you love technology? Do you use it when you travel? If you love technology and know how to use it and are looking for ways to be a more efficient and effective traveler, then spend some time with us as we look at some tips to help you. […]

Destination Florida Keys with Island Trader Vacations

beautiful sunset

The Florida Keys are for millions, the ideal escape from everyday life into the island life without the cost of travel outside of the continental U.S. A tropical island paradise accessible by car, the Florida Keys have been beckoning travelers for generations for their excitement, beauty, peace and serenity. An incredibly diverse area, the Florida […]

Island Trader Vacations Reviews 3 Great Live Music Venues in NYC

New York City Manhattan

Many of bands long to cut their teeth performing in NYC, and many of our much loved bands continue to play here. There is no shortage of places to play in the metropolitan mecca of music. The choice is yours on what kind of venue you want to see a band in. Is it a […]

Island Trader Vacations Reviews 3 of America’s Most Stunning Mountain Resorts

Blanca Lake Washington State small

When many think of mountain resorts, we have a tendency to think of ski season. However, these spectacular resorts are a great destination in the warmer seasons as well. They offer stunningly beautiful scenery, and plenty of activities that you can do without being bundled up and having skis attached to your feet. These locales […]

Island Trader Vacations Reviews 3 NYC Hotspots

american statue of liberty small

There is no shortage of places to eat in NYC. If you are going to be getting up early though to eat at one of these neighborhood favorites to beat the long lines, you want it to be worth it. These breakfast places run the gamut from doughnuts (yes, it is a breakfast food) to […]

Island Trader Vacations Explores Miami’s Best

florida small

Sometimes the best way to enjoy a leisurely Sunday afternoon is with some liquid refreshment. The slow roll of a Sunday is best met with an iced cold refreshing Bloody Mary. When you’re in Miami and the sun is shining as it often does these are the best places to get your Sunday staple. Some […]

Island Trader Vacations Reviews 3 Great State Fairs


As we come into the final weeks of summer, there is no reason to fret, as some of the best memories of our favorite season are made at the state fairs across our nation. Corn dogs, elephant ears, melting cotton candy on your tongue and rides that will have you twisting and turning are just […]

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